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Making a list, checking it twice

I wrote this and tried to post it on my first leg of a journey– alas it never posted, but I’ll post it now for good measure.

I’m going on a grand adventure for Christmas this year. I couldn’t be more excited. Some of my dearest friends are in Europe for the year, in residence at Oxford. I was planning to go visit while they are there because it is the perfect excuse to go. We’d talked of an excursion to Ireland while I was there perhaps. I had toyed with the idea of going for Christmas but it is more expensive, etc. so I kind of dismissed it as an unrealistic dream.

And then in a flurry, plans changed. Someone offered them use of their vacation home in Ireland over Christmas. I spent two weeks scouring the internet for flight deals and paying the extras fees to rush my passport application, while they worked out details on their end. The long and short of it is that it is more expensive to fly meaning I’ll be there longer to be able to afford it… and I’m going. I’M GOING!!!!

It will be my first Christmas not at home and that’s a little weird but honestly, the last few years Christmas has been challenging for me in the details and dynamics and a year off is just what the doctor ordered. And by a year “off” I obviously mean Christmas in my favorite country with some of my favorite people who are like family to me. Not a terribly hard trade-off. (Have I mentioned just how excited I am?!?!?!)

At work, things tend to slow down for a few weeks around Christmas- more so than early spring when it gets crazy getting projects on the street so the timing works out nicely there. I’m so excited for a vacation without having to be on call at work– something that hasn’t happened in years. At home, my dear sister (who may never forgive me for leaving her at Christmas) and a friend have agreed to hold down the fort at the Little House and try to keep the puppy out of trouble. I feel awful about leaving my puppy for so long while she’s a shit little … which really just means I feel bad leaving anyone else to contend with her insane puppy antics.

It is odd to be missing my favorite Christmas party with friends, to be not Christmas shopping. I’m not sewing or painting or building anything (other than the Project). I’ve done some online shopping to take advantage of the sales but it has been mostly just to replace some things I needed: jeans without holes, warm socks, hiking boots, etc.

This week I have lists everywhere. What has to happen at work, at home, with the Project, last minute visiting with friends, gah. So many details to pull it together. And then I’ll blink and it will be time to board a plane, put in some headphones, and go see my people.

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