Spring at the Little House

DSC_9333Sunday was gorgeous out and I spent the afternoon in the yard. I got the leaves blown off the strawberry bed and a couple of the flower beds. I started picking up sticks (there are SO many sticks down!) and marveled at the fact that I already need to mow — it is only April!!! I have a LOT of yard work to do.

6I pulled the outdoor furniture out of the barn but since my deck is hosting a lot of trash, I didn’t get it set up yet. I swept the barn, moved things around, cleaned up varmint poo and was hopeful that none of it looked fresh. Maybe the varmint has moved on? Dare I hope?? I didn’t dig too deeply in the shelves, just in case.

Sunday I took a little photo walk around the yard after doing some clean up and savored how gorgeous spring is. The crabapple trees, the quince, and the forsythia are blooming, the lilacs are getting ready, the tulips and hyacinths are blooming. The leaves are all popping. Spring. I love it. Somehow I think living through a winter makes a person appreciate and savor how wonderful spring is even more.DSC_9321

A few moments of lovely

Sometimes in the midst of the push to get things done, I forget to stop and take in the beauty all around me. Or while I’m out there pruning (can you tell I’ve been doing a lot of pruning?) I keep thinking I should take a break and take some photos of all the loveliness. So here’s a few shots from my photo walk the other evening. I am determined to take the occasional break and share some of the loveliness. It really is breathtaking. I am so blessed.

DSC_2684 DSC_2698 DSC_2706 DSC_2683 DSC_2670 DSC_2671