Praying for boredom


There are times in life I struggle feeling like I’ve got nothing exciting going on, nothing to talk about, nothing to share. And there are other times– like right now when I am begging the good Lord for a dull moment. Please Lord, smite me with a little boredom!!

In the five weeks:
I flew back from an awesome trip to Europe
We buried my beloved grandfather (who died a few days before Christmas)
We rang in 2018 (without heat at the Little House)
I got influenza and spent a week on the couch
My dad had a heart attack
I finally got antibiotics for the sinus infection that developed after the flu (and ended January finally feeling 100% well again)
I attempted to fill my dad’s shoes at work– no small task

Yeah. It’s been a lot. Being some kind of sick for the entire month didn’t help, especially considering everything else going on.

In the midst of a grueling few weeks, there are really good things to be thankful for and I am so very thankful.

I am thankful for friends and community that care for me so well. For friends that drop off soup and life-saving cough syrup and pumpkin bread when I’m dying on the couch. For a puppy that is finally potty trained. For heat. For down blankets and sweatpants and heated mattress pads.

More than any of that, I am thankful for modern medicine and quick intervention so that my dad is doing well and it looks like there’s no long-term damage from the heart attack.  As scary as it was, I can’t help but be thankful it happened where he was surrounded by people (at Church) where they could call 911 and get him to the hospital so quickly. He is recovering and has a long way to go but is on the right path and following doctor’s orders, which I appreciate. God is good!

While I usually dread February, this year I’m looking forward to leaving January in the dust. I’ve had a lot of exhausting seasons in my life and January 2018 seriously tested my limits. I am confident 2018 has got to get better from here on out.

Happy February!

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