Incident Report #2

3925 It was our usual after-work routine. I go outside to feed and water the chickens, the dogs go out to pee and then Daisy starts lapping the yard at top speed because well… Daisy. She’s just insane like that. I’m reaching into the coop to grab the waterer and BLAM Daisy bolts into the coop around me. Um.

Naturally the chickens all squawk and fly up and there’s general chaos. And in the middle of it, one happy puppy. She isn’t grabbing for the chickens or trying to eat them at all. She thinks this is just plain fun and she’s standing in there grinning like a fool! Oh Daisy. She does occasionally like to jump at the coop when she’s outside of it to watch the chickens squawk and scold. And she spends a fair amount of time hanging out over there with her poultry friends.  That day when she bolted into the coop, I called her out of the coop and she came willingly. No harm done at all.
So in this second Dogs vs. Chickens incident, I think we can safely say that Daisy is good with chickens. If nothing else, this whole chicken experiment is good for that. And the eggs. So. Many. Eggs.

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