House love


I’ve been spending a lot of time outside and I have continually been barraged by the temptation to feel discontented with the millions of things that aren’t done at my house and in my yard. There is just so much to do. It is so easy to lose sight of the goodness when we’re caught up in the unfinished-ness of things. And then I stop for just a moment.


I sit on my rocking chair (which has a new clearance cushion) on my refinished deck for a moment and take a deep breath. I sip my coffee and watch Daisy running up and down along the fence with the neighbor dog, and then lapping the yard a dozen times, muscles rippling, tongue hanging out: she is one happy  pup. I watch Suzie napping in the shade, somehow keeping an eye on things at the same time. I hear the birds chirping, the pigeons cooing, the chickens clucking, the dogs panting, a neighbor mowing. I love this.


I love this house. I love this yard. I love the big shade trees. I have so many hopes and dreams of filling every nook and cranny of this huge yard with berries, fruit trees, flowers, vegetables, pets. I love the woods at the back. The kid’s forts. The barn. The ecosystems. I love everything about this humble little corner in the world. I suspect I even love the unfinishedness of it because in this crazy life of mine, sometimes I need to pour myself into a place that needs me. This place does and probably will always offer ample opportunity for that.


I recognize, once again, what a gift this place is to me. Is it everyone’s dream come true? No. Not at all. I imagine many people wonder what I see in this place at all. But for me, this place is a little glimpse of heaven. It is a gift for me. It is a balm for my tired soul. A joy, an inspiration, a place to breathe. It is a spot for endless hard work and creativity. For testing my limits and learning new things.
This humble little corner is home sweet home and I am profoundly grateful.



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