Fresh Eggs

eggsThis is it, friends. This is why you have a coop full of stanky birds that you faithfully feed, water, and save from the jowls of death to the peril of your own dignity. This is why you spend hours building them a run and letting hooligans make the biggest mess of your life painting it. This is it.

I got home from vacation back at the end of July to find one lone egg in the nesting box, right where it belongs. Amazing.

That next morning I went to Mass and came home and decided to have fried eggs because fresh eggs, friends, fresh eggs. Or egg in my case. It is pretty small (teenage hens). When I cracked it open, it had a double yolk. Double yolk for my first egg! Surely this must mean some stroke of good luck is going to befall me.

For about a week, every day I found one small egg in that nesting box. The next week it increased to two, and the following week we made it up to three. Three white eggs per day (one egg from each of the white hens). Still rather small but getting larger. The black chickens will lay brown eggs so I know they haven’t started laying yet. Hopefully they will soon. Once this thing really gets going, I’m going to have a pretty serious egg problem.

Six weeks in, I’ve now had four double yolk eggs – now I am really looking for some good luck to befall me! In the meantime, I’m over here eating eggs grown in my very own backyard. Living the dream.

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