Confession: I bought two more chairs (hangs head in shame). Let me ‘splain.dsc_4711

A friend of mine was downsizing to move out of state for grad school. She posted these two chairs for a very good deal. Contributing to her further education was obviously a very good cause. WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO??? 

You should also know that three of the chairs from the barn that I vowed to pass on have moved on and are no longer in my possession. (And boy did they leave me cuter than they arrived #missionaccomplished).  Admittedly I was in the middle of repainting them and had the new owner lined up when the opportunity for these new (old) chairs came along. So really I just swapped two gorgeous love-of-my-life chairs for three adorable-but-not-quite-it chairs that went to a friend. I’ve obviously improved the situation by this series of transactions.


In case you’re keeping track:

  • 13 dining room chairs that I love (some of which actually live in the bedrooms and sewing room)
  • 3 chairs that need to be re-done and moved on
  • 3 chairs that have been repainted and re-homed
  • 1 raging chair problem

Humbly submitted for your entertainment.

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