Rescue Chairs

IMG_1811Recently one of my sister’s friends got a new apartment and found herself in need of a few chairs. Chairs you say? I can help. Not to mention this lovely young lady often takes care of my house and beasts while I’m out of town which is a lifesaver. In fact, she’ll be spending a week with my pups in a couple weeks so I can vacation with my fam. Clearly she is a person who can be trusted to give rescued chairs a good home.

Anyhow she needed three chairs for a cute little apartment that is all white and needs a dash of color. Sold! Not to mention if I get rid of my current chair stash, the chair ban could be lifted (getting rid of these three cuts my excess chair stash in half).

The original plan was for said dog sitting friend and my sister to come over and for the three of us to drink sangria and paint some chairs. Alas, life intervened and it was just my sis and I drinking sangria and painting rescue chairs. We cleaned the grime off of them. Chipped off the Great Stuff that some idiot previous owner had used to strengthen reglue make a mess of the joints. I added nails for the loose joints. Fiona gave them an overall sanding to rough the existing paint surface and we tried to smooth anything that was obviously globby old paint. I mixed up some clearance paint — of course — this particular color involved three different clearance cans. I fixed my paint barn curtains (plastic sheeting attached to the rafters of my barn), pulled out my trusty Critter sprayer and we got them primed.


I sprayed on a couple coats of the light blue custom paint (I call it Lucy Blue). Finished off with two coats of spray polyurethane for extra protection. While they don’t look brand new, they look  awesome and are rocking the shabby chic look.


Rescue Chairs before…
IMG_1672 IMG_1676 IMG_1677 IMG_1678
and after…
I’m so happy these are being adopted into a wonderful home where they will be loved and sat upon. You should also know that Lucy has agreed to always refer to them as her rescue chairs, because she is cool like that.


Chairs – garage sale = $9
Paint –  three cans of clearance paint at $2.50 each = 7.50 (and there’s plenty left over)
Poly – from the stash
Supplies – from the stash
Rehabbing chairs for a friend and removing them from my hoard barn – Priceless

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