Incident Report: Chickens vs. Dogs

DSC_3287 Things had been going SO well for a solid three months. Something was bound to happen and I am sorry to say that the incident was entirely my own fault. I try to scoot the coop about a foot or two every day (I’m inching it away from the trees DTE will be removing at some point this summer). Now that there is a new run, it does complicate my coop scooting because they are not connected (and would be too heavy to scoot together anyway). So I scoot the coop about two feet and a chicken sees her opening and dashes out the gap before I can scoot the run to match and close the gap. Nooooooo!

Naturally Daisy, my constant shadow, was right there for the fun. She sees this chicken dash out and go running and she’s all like “oh my gosh fun! Something else running in the yard!” She starts running after it. She made no lunges as though to eat it and had no moves to break it’s neck but she definitely thought this chicken was out to be her new running buddy. And frankly, I don’t trust her at all because she is 60 lbs of enthusiasm for the hen’s 4 lbs of panic. Doesn’t seem life a good ratio at all.


So I start chasing the chicken and the puppy and yelling for Daisy to come or sit or leave it or SOMETHING. The chicken starts squawking and Suzie, who had been napping on the deck, suspects she is missing out on some kind of fun and comes running. I know from past experience that while she may be old and she may be sweet and she may love babies and toddlers, this dog is a trained killer. She learned from the best (Maggie). She can shake and kill innocent creatures in a heartbeat. As Suzie comes running over, I realize this might be it. The day there’s a bloody chicken massacre right before my eyes because I carelessly scooted without thought. The day I have to inform my chicken farm share buddies who love these chickens that I let one die on my watch. Gah! So stupid!


Thankfully we’re right by my garden and I have a row of fencing for the tomatoes to grow up. With a dog coming toward her from either direction, the hen tries to hide under the tomato plant and I catch up with her there- pushing her against the fence with one hand to keep her from dashing away before I can rescue her. I manage to grab the hen and have her in my arms. “Whew” I think to myself “that was close.” And then Suzie starts jumping up trying to grab her out of my arms.


I shriek for Suzie to stop as I raise the chicken over my head. “No Suzie! No! Sit! SIT! NO!!!”  As I dash for the coop holding a chicken over my head and yelling at my dog I realize that this might be what all out insanity looks like. Somehow when you make a decision to get chickens, you never picture this moment. I was just glad none of the neighbors could see me and there are no pictures or videos to share with you. Booyah. Dignity preserved… Okay maybe not. But no chickens were harmed in the losing of my dignity, so that’s something.


I managed to hold the chicken over my head, keep the dog off me, open the nesting box latch, and pop the chicken back into the coop. I wish I could say I felt like some kind of super hero. Instead I just felt ridiculous as I realized that this is the life I have created for myself.

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