Summer Fun

DSC_3129Sometimes I feel like life is a lot like tubing. You know, there you are, life jacket on, balancing on a tube, hanging on for dear life. Suddenly the driver of the boat hits the gas with one goal in mind: to get you off the tube. Wait what? Not your experience? Someone took you nice and slow? Never trying to fling you off the tube by going tighter and tighter circles until you were flying sideways across the water, hanging on for dear life, not sure if the tube was going to flip or not? And then sometimes you couldn’t hang on anymore. Or you actually thought it would be safer to let go than continue on this way. Or sometimes, often, it just happened and you found yourself bouncing across the top of the water before finally slowing and sinking into the water. Mmmm water. You float there for a few minutes, while your cousins and friends wave from the boat and your uncle makes a wide circle to come back and get you. This sums up most of my tubing experiences in my young life. My fun uncle was always the one to take us tubing. And his idea of fun was getting people off the tube. Somehow we always clamored for more. “Won’t you please take us tubing again Uncle Glenn???” It didn’t matter that all the muscles in your arms turned to jelly by the end of the week. This was FUN and we weren’t going to miss one single minute of it. And somehow staying on the tube was even more victorious because you were quite sure Uncle Glenn wasn’t going easy on you, he wanted to get you off the tube, and that one time you managed to hang on was worth all the falls. You survived. And by the end of the week of vacation, you are sunburnt, sore all over, and ready for a nice long nap and to recover from all the fun.

DSC_3134Life feels a lot like vacation tubing right now. I am enjoying the beautiful sunshine and feel like I am hanging on for dear life, having the time of my life, hurting all over, and raring to go again the next day. My weeks are insane. Work is crazy busy- all day I’m on the phone, managing projects, directing the intern and asking questions, keeping my boss on task, and basically losing my mind. And so very thankful for the work in front of me, the people I work with, the clients I serve, and that work is plentiful and something I am good at and enjoy doing. I do not take that for granted for a second. By the end of the day I feel slightly like a zombie stumbling to my car, nervous that my phone will ring again and I may have to talk to another person or think or add one more thing to my to do list. I walk in the door at home to an energetic puppy who must get outside and burn off some energy immediately.
DSC_3196There are days I feel like I cannot accomplish a single thing because of the insanity of the puppy the fact that she will not leave the big dogs alone. Even the big dog who makes it very clear she does not want to be touched. She has boundless energy and not boundless self control. And then she wants to just sit and snuggle with you. She lights up when you enter the room. She grabs a toy and races across the yard playing keep away with imaginary foes while you giggle in delight at her ridiculous antics. Oh the puppy. Gosh I love this nutty animal.
DSC_3165Some day I look around and all I can see are the imperfections. The chores not done. The floor not washed. The laundry not folded. The gates not installed. The trees not cut down. The jungles not reclaimed. I am frustrated by my inability to finish all the projects, all the time. The human frailty. And it can overwhelm me sometimes. And then I’m reminded that I didn’t chose perfection, I chose this. I chose this big, beautiful, neglected yard. I chose this house that is a million projects waiting to happen. I chose this level of commitment and activity. And I am so very grateful for the many, many gifts I experience through it all.
DSC_3151Today I’m thankful for a cute puppy and her crazy, boundless energy. For a gorgeous breezy evening sitting on my deck listening to the birds singing and watching the light fade. For bonfires, pool parties, softball games. I’m thankful for friends, large and small. For the gift and challenge of family. For nieces and nephews, godchildren, munchkins of all shapes and sizes. I’m thankful for a tractor that runs and grass to mow. For berries ripening in the yard. For a comfortable home. I am so very thankful.
DSC_3138This moment is indeed living the dream. This moment is part of the journey to perfection — but not an earthly perfection that will never be within my grasp – but perfection itself. Life in eternity with Love Incarnate. So I’ll take it. I’ll take the exhaustion, the imperfection, the frustrations, the limitations, knowing that in my weakness, His power is made perfect. Come Lord Jesus.
And oh my goodness I love summer, but hang on tight, it’s a wild ride!!!DSC_5292

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  1. AMEN! to all of that – including the fun tubing uncle, but ours is Jim, not Glenn. I’m looking forward to putting all the (current) craziness on hold and trading it for a whole different kind of craziness with my favorite MI people (and Scots) in the near future!

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