The Summer of the Puppy

The Daisy Daze continues. daisy darlingLife with a puppy is not simple. Not even a little. But it is great. Monday she was bounding around chasing her tail, the recycling, a leaf, a stick and all I could think was: Life with a puppy isn’t simple, but it is better. (Obviously I mean that for me, in my current situation – not for everyone universally).

3dogsDaisy is a great pup, terribly sweet and learning fast. I was going to brag that it has been over a week since we had any accidents– and then she had three in the span of one hour. But generally speaking, we’re doing well on the potty training. Daisy turned 4 months this week and has been with us for six weeks. It isn’t simple, but I am enjoying her immensely. We are past the adjustment of just getting the new pup and things are settling into more routine.

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daisy buddies2cute maggieMaggie doesn’t appreciate Daisy but we have a lot more peaceful moments than we did at first. And Daisy is catching on that her best bet is to give Maggie some breathing room.

Daisy continues to impress me how much less intense she is than Suzie was as a puppy. And as an added bonus, Daisy spends most of her neediness on Suzie, which is really rather great for me. Suze is a great surrogate mom and allows her to hang on her a lot (I think sometimes she likes the puppy biting because it scratches her itch). She does occasionally lay down the law and insist on a few minutes without puppy shenanigans, but mostly she seems fine letting Daisy hang on her, spoon with her, and shadow her every move. daisy hang

snuggle buddiesAnd of course when I finally crate Daisy (for work or for the night), Maggie and Suzie huddle together thankful for the break from that active young whippersnapper.

It has been awhile since I last blogged because life is busy around here. Never, ever a dull moment. But we’re basking in the lovely warm weather, the yard, and the crazy puppy antics. It is clearly the Summer of the Puppy around here. And just for you, I’ll share my photos so you don’t feel any need to go get a puppy. You’re welcome.

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