Happy One Year Little House

They say time flies when you are having fun or working your tail off. It has been a wild ride this past year. So  many projects! (My apologies to you, my dear reader, for boring you to death with all the projects). Sometimes I feel like I haven’t done much or haven’t gotten as far as I’d like (which is true) and then I look back and realize I have done quite a bit and have no reason to feel badly about where things stand today. Sure, there is still a very long to do list but in the interest of extreme optimism, I’ll give you a brief run down of the past year and the short version of what has happened with the Little House in the Hill:

1. Move
2. Living room: paint, insulate windows, add curtains, obtain and paint bookshelves
3. Kitchen: paint walls, sink repairs, new faucet
4. Laundry room: paint, add cabinets, new sink and cabinet
5. Bathroom: paint walls, fix door, add curtains, dye towels because I’m a nutjob
6. Downstairs bedroom: paint walls, rip out carpet, install laminate floor
7. Upstairs bedroom 1: paint walls & ceiling, rip out nasty carpet, install laminate floor, new trim
8. Upstairs bedroom 2: rip off wood paneling, paint and repair walls, paint ceiling, rip out nasty carpet, install laminate floor, cut floor for future HVAC addition, leave trim unfinished
9. Garage: discover flooding problem, build some shelving to get things out of the flood, wire 220v outlet for canning stove
10. Pole barn: set up shelving, store stuff for lots of people, organize (ish)
11. Yard: Add small vegetable garden, brush clearing, prune grape arbor, install 800 feet of fencing, dispose of dead pigeon, rip out ugly pine bush and attempt to remove the stump several times (unsuccessfully)
12. House exterior: replace rotted siding shingles, caulk, paint and paint and paint (still need to do the trim though)

Maybe I will share a house photo tour 1 year in… but that might have to wait till I finish unpacking from vacation and sweep up some more dog hair.

As I think about the past year, I also have to say it has been amazing to live alone for the first time. I have had so many wonderful roommates over the years but it felt like time for a season by myself. I’m not saying it has to stay that way but I’m saying this season has been a gift. A very peaceful season of coming home to peace and solitude… and whatever project disaster I’m in the middle of at the time. Living with roommates has it’s definite perks but living alone after so many years of so many roommates feels exceedingly peaceful for this introvert with a crazy life.

I will also say this lovely little project has been such a gift in my life. I love living here!! The yard is glorious. The neighbors are great (although some of them quite odd). Being closer to everything is convenient. The house is cute or at least has the potential for great cuteness some day. I love it all and am so very thankful to be here.

Happy First Housiversary!

house 2013

house 2014


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