Small Bedroom Progress & Change of Plans

So… my original plan was to move upstairs next year sometime after I install duct work to the upstairs. When I moved into the house, in August, you can imagine the air conditioned downstairs bedroom was far more appealing than the hot upstairs. During the winter it is certainly chillier upstairs, but not drastically so and I have a space heater which warms the rooms up quickly if they need it. Not to mention that I tend to keep the house cold at night anyway since once I’m asleep under the blankets, it doesn’t matter. Add to all of that how much I would love to not be sharing my bedroom with the two hairy beasts I share my home with. I do love those dogs, but I miss the days of having my bedroom on a different floor. 

As you know, I’ve been working on the small bedroom at the top of the stairs. I was going to make that my sewing room for the time being, until I move upstairs at some future time, at which time I wanted the downstairs bedroom to be a den / sewing room. Anyway, I decided to move upstairs now instead of later. I may regret this decision come summer or it may move the HVAC project up on the priority list, but it seemed silly to get a sewing room all set up upstairs only to move it downstairs in a few months. And it is a few degrees colder upstairs – great for sleeping, not as great for sewing.

So… this weekend I emptied the upstairs closet, soaked and cleaned the wire closet shelving, repaired the holes in the plaster (it is in pretty bad shape), told my inner perfectionist to shut up, and painted the closet. The walls really are terrible, but there are going to be clothes in front of them and at least there’s a fresh coat of paint and no more gaping holes. It will have to do.


Closet – What I did:

  • Clean wire shelving
  • Patch large holes in the wall
  • Spackle and caulk gaps
  • Two coats of paint
  • Reinstall the closet shelving
  • Project Total: $5 for the clearance paint (lots leftover for the other closet upstairs)

New Year’s Eve eve I managed to finish installing and caulking the quarter round trim in the bedroom, and got it painted. The room was finally ready!!


Sm bedrm1 sm bedrm2



I moved the bed upstairs, moved my secondhand dresser in there, and the room is pretty well full. The room is tiny (7 ft x 10 ft) but I figured it will work just fine since all I do up there is sleep and change.  I won’t say the room is completely done – I need to hem the curtains, hang some pictures, finish the trim around the perimeter of the ceiling (maybe, someday), but I’m calling it good enough to move up there. 


What I did:

  • Remove icky carpet and pad
  • Remove weird trim from wall corners
  • Spackle the old (very textured) plaster walls. Fill large cracks.
  • Paint ceiling and walls ($5 clearance paint, had primer and ceiling paint already)
  • Spray paint door hardware
  • Remove window trim, foam around window for insulation ($6)
  • Caulk gap around ceiling perimeter to seal it off from the attic ($15)
  • Install laminate floor ($100)
  • Repair trim, replace broken trim ($15)
  • Add quarter round trim ($20)
  • Caulk and paint trim
  • Get a light cover for existing ceiling fan ($4)
  • Remove red blinds
  • Sew curtains, install curtain rod ($15)
  • Project Total: $180 (ish)

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