March (a little late)

March flew by and here we are in mid-April! Yikes. Apparently I’ve been too busy to post anything over here (you’re welcome!)

The short version of March: 

Payback Saturday with Donal and Lindsey — we painted the living room, small bathroom, and primed the basement stairwell… I followed up with installing a new mirror in the small bathroom, painting the vanity and updating the hardware, and attempting to put the house back together (ish). It was an awesomely productive weekend at the Homestead!!  (Thanks to Donal, Lindsey, Leslie, and Jenny). 
Damian Stayne Conference at CTK – really excellent
Silent Retreat at Gethsemane in KY – also really excellent. I am SO blessed to be able to go there year after year and simply encounter Jesus in the peaceful stillness, in the prayer of the Church, in the lives of faithful men who pray without ceasing. And I napped… a lot. It was all so very wonderful.
Triduum / Easter at CTK, my class (including my niece Lucy) made their First Communion (a very exciting day for all of us)
Painted the kitchen counters (I keep meaning to post about this process and the results… maybe I’ll get around to it someday) 
And then March was over. Just like that. Without making much more progress than that one really productive weekend, meeting with realtors, and some decluttering / packing in between. 

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