Custom mixed paint

It seems to be my newest hobby. Who knew? Inspired by the fIMG_0394abulous Karen, I decided to give it a whirl. First I made paint for the small bedroom – one can of mistint, plus two quarter cans of previous project blue. It turned out great and I have a small jar of it left to leave the new homeowners for any touch ups. 

Then it was those two cans of blue for the master bedroom. They were clearance mistint specials and close to the same color. I mixed them together, painted a wall, and decided it was entirely too blue and not nearly neutral enough. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it a lot… but it hardly fit the bill for making the room more neutral. So I added a can of that IMG_0502mistint gray (which was supposed to be for the living room). Perfect! It turned out great and there is at least another room’s worth since the master bedroom only needed one coat (painting WIN).

A couple evenings ago, I went to the paint archives (or the far back of the paint shelves) and found lots of good stuff. Several partial cans of beige and off white from before I moved in (most of the house was beige or off white). A partial can of dark forest green (the dining room when I moved in). Some yellow from the first time I painted my bedroom, beige from when Lisa painted her bedroom, and some small amounts of white. I mixed it all together (minus the forest green) and it is a nice, creamy, yellowy beige. I think it will do quite nicely for the basement stairwell and IMG_0537family room. Nice and neutral (and I’m sure I will think it is perfectly boring when I’m done).  Anyway, it appears to be a paint mixing success. And I got rid of about 8 partial cans of paint and a couple cans that were completely dried and unusable. 

A few tips:

  • Wear clothes you don’t mind getting paint on. (Those pants that look like the scary green pants with no one inside certainly fit the ticket).  
  • Be careful when opening old paint cans. The rims get rusty and can puncture a finger… Or if you are using a crow bar because you’re too lazy to run upstairs for the paint IMG_0538can opener, you may slice your wrist open. Don’t say you weren’t warned.
  • Mix a lot longer than you think (stir and stir and stir)
  • Before adding a can of paint  to the big bucket, stir it in it’s own can and see if it mixes together… otherwise get rid of it.
  • If paint is hardened in the bottom of the can, well… obviously get rid of it! 
  • Strain paint before using (it can get clumps if the paint is older or rust from that rim you may have cut yourself on). You’ll thank the IMG_0542future you if you remove the clumps before putting it on the wall.
  • Paint a bit on the wall and let it dry before coating the entire room- sometimes it dries differently than you think and you’d hate to waste all that effort if you suddenly decide it is too happy or you hate the color or something.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix paint sheens- on the master bedroom, I combined satin, flat and semi gloss and it looks great IMG_0543(sort of satin I guess). 
  • Be sure you are mixing latex and latex paint. Don’t mix oil based and water based paint (but you already guessed that). 
  • Have fun!

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