I love a good productive Saturday— perhaps even more exciting than usual because it has nothing to do with cooking or baking or doing anything for Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I love that stuff, but it is nice when there are no more presents to wrap (or make) and I can catch up on some house stuff that has been on the list for a long time. So yeah productivity… house stuff… day at home… and somehow I still hate plumbing. I think every single plumbing project I do takes twice or three times as long as I think it should. Today was no different. I needed to clean out the trap in the downstairs bathroom. It has been draining slowly for a while and I know it just needs the hair cleaned out. I got it taken apart and the hair cleaned out in decent time and then the marathon of putting it back together started. After an hour and a half and a new gasket and new ring later (both in my plumbing repairs bin!), it was finally back together and done. Whew. I hate plumbing.

I also managed to do a bunch of random small projects that were bugging me:

  • Replace switch at the bottom of the stairs
  • Put all the hall switch plates back on (I only painted 2 months ago, right?)
  • Repaint spot at the bottom of the stairs where a recent move dinged up the freshly painted wall
  • Move closet door so I could finish painting that one spot that you can see when the doors are open
  • Take apart and de-gunk the dishwasher screen (totally disgusting)
  • Clean dishwasher by running it with lemon kool-aid (not sure it really worked, but hey, I saw it on pinterest)
  • Clean washing machine by soaking hot water and vinegar for an hour or two and then running it
  • Hang Booth photo in the hall
  • Frame and hang family picture that’s just been sitting there waiting
  • Clean out the front closet
  • Build shoe shelves into the front closet
  • Drink doses of Emergen C (yeah, I have that faint tickle at the back of my throat… after 3 months of avoiding getting sick, this could be the moment…)

There’s a lot I didn’t get done, but I’m calling it a day and saying I feel pretty good about what I did get done (this is big for me). 

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