Christmas Tree Skirt

Last year after Christmas, I bought some great Christmas colored fleece on super clearance with every intention of making a new Christmas tree skirt to replace the old nasty felt one that was disintegrating. Naturally, I put the fleece on the sewing shelf and forgot about it until I pulled out that nasty old skirt again this year… and decided it was really time for a new one.

Naturally I’d seen lots of cool tree skirt ideas, but my main goals were:

  1. Washable (no more nasty felt tree skirts for me)
  2. Not too tacky
  3. Short project duration (aka very easy)

High expectations, I know. I used my old tree skirt as a pattern, sewed a hem along the outer edge, and borrowed my friend’s cricut machine and cartridge to cut out lots of fleece flowers. This took a while but was the perfect activity for hanging out with said friend while she worked on another project. (Crafty and generous friends rock my world).

A few days later I was ready to attach the flowers so I laid it out for the dogs to lay on… wait… that’s what happened, not what I meant to do. Nonetheless, the dog laid in the middle of the project while I hand stitched the flowers to the skirt and she felt like we got some quality time in. Perfect.


And I love the finished product. Washable. Not too tacky. Short project duration. And even kind of pretty (and cheap, super super cheap). 


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