Sew Addicted

My friend Jodi over at Sew Fearless would be so proud (everyone else thinks I need to get my head checked).  I arrived on vacation and lo and behold, here’s what we found (one set in each bedroom).  The old roller shades that are older than I am have been retiring a few at a time. Clearly the ones in our cabin had retired… but this?? Really?? Not only was it ridiculous, but it didn’t allow for a whole lot of privacy for changing. Something had to be done.
I called my sister who was coming up the next day and requested she pick up my sewing machine. I picked up a cheap sheet at Walmart and sewed a couple of simple white curtains that actually provided some privacy and got rid of the janky clothes-pinned pillowcases thing. So yes, there I was, on vacation, sewing curtains for my cabin. Someone had to do it.
It also allowed my niece Lucy and I to spend some quality time together. I gave her the drawstring bag the sheets came in, and she stitched her name into it while I sewed the curtains. We are the sorts of people who need projects—even on vacation. 
“Hi. I’m Reenie. I sewed curtains on vacation.”
“Hi Reenie.”

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