Real Life Solutions: Epic Fail

Just last week I was just sharing (#smeb) about my Real Life Solution for recycling. And then my roommate came home this past week one evening to find this:


That’s right. That is Suzie, head stuck in an oatmeal container that she fished out of that very recycling solution I was bragging about.

I should explain that Suzie likes to fish out and chew flat milk jugs and plastic juice bottles (a habit I take full responsibility for), so she regularly fishes through the recycling container to see what’s good. Apparently this day she was trying to lick those last crumbs of oat out of this container and got stuck. Really stuck. 

Leslie said she was racing around crashing into walls, furniture, everything. Absolutely nuts. After laughing and taking pictures, Leslie rescued her from the predicament. 

A couple hours later I went to the basement to do laundry. What a mess!! The vacuum was knocked over. The borrowed carpet cleaner, knocked over. The laundry basket, knocked over and clean laundry strewn acros the floor. Ironing board toppled and laying on it’s side. My first thought, of course, was that I’d just been watching a crime show where someone’s house looked similar… and then I realized the basement gate had been left open that day and Suze had been tearing around the house desperate to get out of that oatmeal contained, and probably even more terrified as she ran through knocking stuff on to herself.  Oh Suzie. 

There you have it. The irony of Real Life Solutions at the Homestead.

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